Camera + Water + Me


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I'm a photographer because it helps me organize what I see in the world.  I left corporate life in 2013 and revisit it every so often as a spectator.  I chase grace, power, beauty and lost moments in my imagery. 

I love swimming for images because it's a ridiculous challenge - everything moves and this is a constant reminder that the world is in flux and moments, finite.  Out of the water, I approach shooting like a street photographer - freezing the best moments in time and saving details that disappear from the mind.  My subjects do their thing;  I do mine; the rhythm builds.

My off-time includes composing/playing music and writing  prose and verse and hanging out with one of the coolest dogs in the world.

Client Work Includes:


Kite Club, Cabarete

Party Monsters, NYC

ACTAI Global

The Butterfly Effect: Cabarete

Audi on demand


New Balance



Kismet Films

Publications Include:

Sept Magazine

The Kite Mag

Kitesurfing Magazine

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